Founder and CEO, MSwift

Banking the Unbanked in a City of OpportunitiesBanking the Unbanked in a City of Opportunities

It’s been one week since we relocated our small, but nimble FinTech startup to London and I am still in awe. The unlimited resources, exposure to top executives, and the central location is what truly transcends startups in this mecca of finance.

My name is Tricia Martinez and I am the Founder and CEO of Swift, a mobile savings tool that bridges the gap between the 2.5B unbanked consumers in emerging markets and financial institutions across the world. Through a gamified personal financial management application, we incentivize users to begin growing their savings and as a result become eligible for savings accounts and additional financial products.

We were recently selected to participate in the 2016 Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars in London. While our move from Chicago to London was a thrilling adventure we have been even more excited by the momentum we have gained in just the last few days.

  1. Unlimited Resources: London is a powerhouse and the true leader in FinTech. Just being here allows us to access endless events, opportunities, and investors with a deep expertise in our space. The Barclays Techstars program has already done an incredible job of exposing us to the ecosystem and vice versa!
  2. Exposure to top Finance Execs: In the past week I have been floored by the quality and quantity of execs that we have encountered. We have met with executives from nearly a dozen world-class financial institutions, each looking to provide support, guidance, and other resources to accelerate our company’s growth. This is only made possible thanks to our proximity to countless global financial organizations.
  3. Central Location: In addition to being a global economic epicenter, London is also a logistical epicenter for our team. Given that much of our work is and will be in Africa, we will now be able to make more frequent trips to our target markets. Better access to our customers will only improve our company’s chances of long-term success.

It’s only been a week, but we are just about ready to call London home. I have fallen in love with everything about London and I know that this city is right for Swift. Week 1 complete!