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RSM Industry insiders Rupert Eastell, head of RSM UK’s retail practice, and Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM US LLP, provide keen insights for retailers to consider in 2017.

What’s ahead for the retail sector in the UK this year?What’s ahead for the retail sector in the UK this year?

Rupert Eastell, head of RSM UK’s Retail Practice and Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist at RSM US

2016 was a tough year for U.K.’s retailers. Although much of the conversation has been focused on Brexit and its impact, retailers are facing other outside pressures. As consumers are shopping more than ever on their mobile devices and favoring experiences such as travel and dining over material goods, retailers are increasingly competing for the consumer pound. Simultaneously, the increase of living wage standards are adding to retailers’ margin pressures.


Partner - Head of Transfer Pricing at RSM

Brexit and the US election have brought challenges and uncertainty for business and that means that transfer pricing is also uncertain. If businesses change the operations or their strategies, they will want to think about their transfer pricing and whether that also needs to change.



Transfer Pricing- How Brexit and the US Election impact Transfer PricingTransfer Pricing- How Brexit and the US Election impact Transfer Pricing

RSM UK’s head of transfer pricing Ken Almand covers the transfer pricing implications which may arise as a result of Brexit and the US presidential election.




The connections between the UK and Missouri are everywhere I look. My goal is for them to continue to increase.

Missouri Takes Flight in the UKMissouri Takes Flight in the UK


There’s nothing that makes you stop, stare and dream like having a fighter jet screaming overhead. That was my childhood.

Growing up in Farnborough, watching the international airshow out of my back window, made the latest in military aviation a significant part of my most influenced years.

But, unknown to me, every time an F-15 flew overhead, I was watching the Missouri-UK connection in action. As that F-15, and before that every F-4 Phantom, and today, every F-15, F/A-18 and EA-18, was born in Missouri.

And years later, I would find myself living in Missouri just down the road from that same factory (and Britain’s GKN Aerospace with it’s 1,000+ local employees) and working to increase the economic partnerships between the UK and the US. And I would have the opportunity to return to the Farnborough International Airshow once again and talk to the men and women behind the Boeing military aircraft made right here in Missouri.

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Managing Director

“The world is moving at an ever increasing pace and a solid path with solid intentions are going to be essential for navigating in the new world.”

Tim Maloney, Newport Group Inc shares his thoughts on recognizing and overcoming the challenges this new world presents. In this video clip Tim identifies four main themes which are needed in order to achieve success.