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London Calling: Building Global FinTech IntersectionsLondon Calling: Building Global FinTech Intersections

Financial Technology (FinTech) has been one of the hottest areas of global venture investment for the last two years and shows no signs of stopping, despite highly publicized problems. This year, Chicago startups and investors are starting to forge ties in London, the global center of FinTech development.

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What does the current market environment offer investors in terms of yield?What does the current market environment offer investors in terms of yield?

How should investors manage their portfolios during the current market conditions? Will the equity market volatility prevail? How can investors utilize alternatives to enhance their portfolio risk adjusted returns? Read More “What does the current market environment offer investors in terms of yield?”

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Offshore benefits: diversification for international AmericansOffshore benefits: diversification for international Americans

Many wealthy internationally-minded Americans appreciate the benefits of holding money offshore.  It is rare that tax is the primary driver: more frequently they are seeking to diversify their risks and returns by employing country diversification, providing political or economic stability. Holding investments offshore also means that their assets come under the protection of a different independent legal system and they can benefit from different investment styles. Read More “Offshore benefits: diversification for international Americans”