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What’s important now is expanding data literacy. The walls are down, but the challenge is to help make consumers literate about what they are seeing, reading, and using. When the data no longer flows through the hands of the experts, it must come with added education so that people can use it effectively and to their advantage.

Democratization of Data and the Rise of Data LiteracyDemocratization of Data and the Rise of Data Literacy

It is hard to imagine an idea more powerful than democracy—that power rests with the people. One of the most important modern-day forces shaping the way such power is used is the democratization of data. It is a work in progress. Read More “Democratization of Data and the Rise of Data Literacy”

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London Calling: Building Global FinTech IntersectionsLondon Calling: Building Global FinTech Intersections

Financial Technology (FinTech) has been one of the hottest areas of global venture investment for the last two years and shows no signs of stopping, despite highly publicized problems. This year, Chicago startups and investors are starting to forge ties in London, the global center of FinTech development.

Read More “London Calling: Building Global FinTech Intersections”